Monday, 22 October 2012

UCL Triple-Eye Symposium

I meant to write this post over the weekend, but unfortunately a dinner of all I could eat barbecue meant I spent most of the time sleeping and rubbing my stomach. Now I've recovered somewhat, I just thought I'd share a couple of highlights of Friday's symposium

It was the UCL Infection, Immunology & Inflammation Domain's third annual symposium, celebrating the work of this aggregation of UCL (and partner institution) academics' research.

There were a few highlights for me. The keynote speaker, Stephen Goff, gave an engaging account of his work into embryonic stem cell restriction of retroviral infection.

Another great talk came from one of our BiPR colleagues, Brenden Wren, who studies bacterial glycosylation, but moreover has developed a glyco-toolkit, allowing bacterial production of proteins-of-interest with desired sugar modifications.

However the best bit of the day was a bit more selfish, as two PhDs in our lab (myself and Lucy Bell) won first prize in our respective poster sessions, which was very warmly appreciated!

There had been a lot of interest in our TCR repertoire work throughout the poster sessions, particularly to a figure I'd presented of some of the difficulties inherent in deep-sequencing TCR repertoires. I think I might expand on this for a later blog post, so if that's interesting to you, watch this space.

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