Saturday, 6 October 2012

Move to blogspot (and out of inaction?)

With the best of all intentions, last year or I so I set up a Newsgrape account (when it was in beta) to try and spark off a bit of sci-blogging. With the first year of my PhD hogging most of my time, that kind of fell by the way-side.

However, when I then tried to get back into it, I found that the developing Newsgrape hadn't evolved quite as I'd expected; rather than the eclectic blogging community I'd anticipated it had ended up a rather bizarre commercial, uber-syndication service.

I'm sure this is great for some, but it doesn't really push my buttons.

As such, I've dusted off this old blogger account (once I remembered I had it). I plan to port over what few articles I'd put up at Newsgrape*, then start to be ever so slightly more active than I was - which honestly, won't take much.

*I think I might try and back date them so they're roughly in order, which might make this look a bit odd for a first post.

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