Thursday, 8 February 2018

Bulk downloading proteome files from UniProt using Python

It's that time again, where the following has happened:
  1. I want to do some niche bioinformatics related thing
  2. I cobble together a quick script to do said thing
  3. I throw that script up on the internet on the offchance it will save someone else the time of doing 2
It's a little shift of target and scale from a similar previous post (in which I used Python to extract specific DNA sequences from UCSC. This time I've been downloading a large number of proteome files from UniProt.

It's all explained in the docstring, but the basic idea is that you go on UniProt, search for the proteomes you want, and use their export tool to download tsv files containing the unique accession numbers with identify the data you're after. Then you simply run this script in the same directory; it takes those accessions, turns them in to URLs, downloads the FASTA data at that address and outputs it to new FASTA files on your computer, with separate files named after whatever the tsv files were named.

The best thing about this is you can download multiple different lists of accessions, and have them output to separate files. Say maybe you have a range of pathogens you're interesting in, each with multiple proteomes banked; this way you end up with one FASTA file for each, containing as many of their proteomes as you felt like including in your search.

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