Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Retreiving GenBank FASTA records with Python

I recently needed to download a relatively large number of GenBank FASTA records from GenBank (as I wanted to have a play with the paired alpha-beta TCR chains sequenced from single cells in this lovely paper.

Unfortunately what is supposedly probably the easiest way - using NCBI's Batch Entrez function - did not work for me. Instead I just got lots of "the following records can't be retrieved/might be obsolete" and "No items found" warnings.

However there are a number of other ways, but I especially liked Pierre Lindenbaum's answer on, which basically uses bash to pull the record directly from the NCBI website. Nice and simple, and it also gives the URL format required.

As I want to do some post-download processing in Python, I thought I may as well download the records directly using the urllib2 module. In case it may be of use to others (and for the next time I need to do this myself!) I thought I'd throw the basic code up here. The only requirement that this code has is to already have a file containing a list of GenBank accession IDs: in this case I just generated this in Excel for the ranges needed, but it could be easily coded directly in Python.

import urllib2

with open('GenbankAccessions') as infile, open('Sequences.fasta', "w") as outfile:
  for accession in infile:
    url = "" + accession.rstrip() + "&rettype=fasta"
    entry = urllib2.urlopen(url)
    for line in entry:

This will write all of the FASTA records of the accessions listed in the 'GenbankAccessions' file to the new out file 'Sequences.fasta'.

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