Sunday, 23 March 2014

TCR diversity in health and in HIV

Before I forget, here's a record of the poster I presented recently at the Quantitative Immunology workshop in Les Houches (which I blogged about the first day of last week*).

In a move I was pretty pleased with, I hosted my poster on figshare, with an additional pdf of supplementary information. (I even included a QR code on the poster linking to both, which I thought pretty cunning, but this plan was sadly scuppered by a complete lack of wifi signal.)

You can access the poster here, and the supplementary information here.

The poster gives a gives a quick glance at some of my recent work where I've been using random barcodes to error-correct deep-sequenced TCR repertoires, a technique I'm applying to comparing healthy individuals to HIV patients, both before and after three months of antiretroviral therapy.

* For those interested in a larger overview of the conference, my supervisor Benny Chain wrote a longer piece at his blog Immunology with numbers

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