Monday, 15 July 2013

Delays in communication

I know I know, I have been entirely slovenly with my upkeep of this blog. At first it was justified - I undertook my PhD upgrade at the end of May, before a wealth of conferences, colloquia and symposia in June.

I've also taken on a great role as a volunteer writer for BioNews, a London based charity involved in disseminating accurate and balanced genetics/stem cell/IVF related news (my stories here), which has been soaking up a lot of the writing brain cells that ordinarily might be aimed here.

However, excuses are excuses, and I promise to try harder. My BioNews commitment should be slightly less regular, and for a change I don't have any upcoming posters or presentations to prepare, so I can get back on the blog-horse! Little and often is my goal - although I do have a couple of long posts in the works with which I hope to redeem myself - watch this space!

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