Friday, 1 January 2010

UCL blog posts

In case anyone is so interested, here's a curated list of links to the aricles I write for my university's Events blog, detailing some of the fun and interesting stuff it's possible to get up to in and around UCL. So be warned, they just might not have anything to do with science - and almost certainly won't have anything to do with immunology, but by and large they're on a diverse range of interesting topics.

Most recent at the top:

Genomics and Medicine, with Aroon Hingorani

Gravity and Continuum, with Christian Böhmer

Sex work today: myths, morals and health

Can’t take, won’t take: why patients do not take their medicines, with Nick Barber

The Politics of Coalition

It Came From The Stores at the Grant Museum

A book by any other name would still smell as sweet

Beyond Social Exclusion: Emerging Logics of Expulsion with Saskia Sassen

‘The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms’ On the Big Screen

3D imaging: nanotechnology and the quest for better medical sensors

A Hands On History of Hands at the Grant Museum

‘Under the Caribbean’ On The Big Screen, Film Night at The Grant Museum

‘The Blob’ On The Big Screen, Film Night at The Grant Museum

The History of Collecting at the Petrie Museum

UCL 2011 Prize Lecture in Clinical Science with Roger Tsien

Goodbye Cheltenham

X-Men vs. Bionic Women

Biology Wednesday at the Fest

The Science of Cannabis

Chemistry and Architecture - Chemarchitecture?

Cheltenham, here we come

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